How to Make Money with an Affiliate Marketing Strategy

How to Make Money with an Affiliate Marketing Strategy

The real secret about how to make money with affiliate marketing is that you need a good strategy. It’s like any kind of business really. You need to be smart, and you need a clear plan.

With that in mind, I’m going to share with you my own personal affiliate marketing strategy. This strategy allows me to earn money every month just by posting articles to my blog  (and without spending money on advertising).

As with any kind of online marketing, affiliate marketing is about analysing results and making adjustments to suit your own particular circumstances. However, my strategy will act as a good, solid foundation to show you how to make money by affiliate marketing.

My Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Focus on keywords and phrases that show buying intent

When choosing which keywords and phrases to build your website around, try to find ones that show the person searching intends to buy.

If the keyword or phrase shows buying intent then visitors are more likely to convert to sales than if the keyword was general.

You can find more information about buying intent keywords in this article: How Buying Intent Keywords can Increase Conversion Rate

Find related affiliate products

Articles based around buying-orientated keywords must have at least one related affiliate product on offer, otherwise that buying intent is being wasted.

If a visitor comes to your website because they’re interested in buying a particular product, you’re losing out on potential sales if you can’t offer them what they’re looking for (or offer them something even better).

Find desirable affiliate products

The stronger the desire an affiliate product creates in a visitor, the more likely they are to want to buy it. They must feel like it’s something they need.

This one speaks for itself. The visitor must feel that they really need the affiliate product that you’re offering, and that they really need it right now!

Promoting desirable products on your website is a critical part of any successful affiliate marketing strategy.

Find affiliate products that pay high commissions

The higher the commission paid for a product, the lower the number of sales needed to earn a reasonable income.

The thing you must remember though is that the higher the value of the item, the better job you’ll probably have to do of selling it. Therefore, if you’re intent on promoting high commission products, be sure to perfect your skills in writing a good article.

Don’t pin all hopes on expensive items though

Although more expensive items will pay a higher commission, the number of sales will likely be less, so mix up the price points of affiliate products a bit, so that there are also some things offered in a lower price range.

Earning high commissions on affiliate products is nice, but it can also be harder to do, and can get worrying if those sales aren’t coming as regularly as you’d like. By also promoting some lower commission products, you can get a more regular income stream coming in, which will hopefully fill the gaps between the bigger sales.

Try not to mix higher value and lower value affiliate products together in the same article though, unless it makes sense within the context of the article to promote products in varying price ranges.

When you have an article designed to promote a high commission product, be sure that the article is fully focused on that product, and don’t introduce doubt into the reader’s mind by also showing them a cheaper product.

Only use AdSense as a last resort

Making a decent income from AdSense ads requires a huge number of visitors, so only use them if no other option is available.

The last thing you want is for visitors to be lured away from a high-paying affiliate product by AdSense ads that pay pennies, so if an affiliate site is performing well, don’t be afraid to ditch the ads.

A good alternative, if you really want to do something with your ad space, is to actually place banners for your affiliate products there. Most good affiliate programs offer eye-catching banners in all the common ad sizes. You’ll then have the possibility of earning a decent sales commission from them, rather than pennies.

However, many internet visitors hate ads, so they might appreciate just being able to read your high-quality articles in a clean, ad-free environment.


I hope that my affiliate marketing strategy will serve you well in making money from your website. Like I said earlier, don’t be afraid to analyse your own results and adapt the strategy to your own particular circumstances. That’s what smart marketers do!